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A PDF version of the programme from 19 to 21 November 2020 can be found here 

Thursday 19.11.2020
ZOOM meeting

                                                            Day 1


17.45-18.00      Welcome

18.00-19.30     Roland Hardenberg (University of                    Frankfurt & Frobenius Institut Frankfurt)

Friday 20.11.2020
ZOOM meeting

         Day 2

Life worlds in resource landscapes

9.00-9.05 Thomas Stöllner, Yiu-Kang Hsu, Peter Thomas 

Introduction: Life Worlds in Resource Landscapes

9.05-9.30 Timothy LeCain 

Keynote: Resources as Life Worlds: How Do Material Resources Shape Lives and Minds?

9.30-9.45 Mark Pearce

Caves and Rock Shelters, Burials and Smelting 

9.45-9.55 Coffee break at your kitchen (the virtual room will remain open for questions
and answers)

09.55-10.10 Raphael A. Eser

Life and Work in the Ancient Iron Smelting Landscape of Elba Island

10.10-10.25 Tina Asmussen 

Resource Landscapes of Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth-Century Mining

10.25-10.40 Lena Asrih 

Knowing Stones. Handling Deposits 1000 to 1500 – Reflections on a History of Knowledge of Mineable Georesources

10.40-11.20 Coffee break and round table

Saturday 21.11.2020
ZOOM meeting

Day 3

Skill, Embodiment and the Growth of Knowledge

09.00-09.05 Constance von Rüden & Maja Gori

Introduction: Skill, Embodiment and the Growth of Knowledge

09.05-09.30 Trevor Marchand

Keynote: Boat-building, Experimental Archaeology and the Indispensability of Hands-on Know-how

09.30-09.55 Maikel Kuijpers

Keynote: Materials and Skills in the History of Knowledge – a Bronze Age example

09.55-10.55 Coffee break at your kitchen (the virtual room will remain open for questions
and answers) 

10.05-10.20 Nadja Melko

Knowledge, Skill, Senses and Cultural Distance

10.20-10.35 Sarah Finlayson & Julia Wild

Knowledge is a Scarce Resource: a Comparative Exploration of Communities of Practice and the Transmission of Knowledge Amongst Small-scale Stone and Gem Workers in the Bronze Age Aegean and Idar-Oberstein, Germany, from Early Modern Times until the Present Day

10.35-10.50 Nikolas Papadimitriou & Akis Goumas

Innovation and the Relational Aspects of Skill

10.50-11.05 Tryfon Giagkoulis

The Wooden Structures of The Neolithic Wetland Habitation Anarghiri Ixb (Western Macedonia, Greece): Ways to do, Ways to be

11.05-11.45 Coffee break and round table


Resources and Complex Systems, General Session, and Poster Session

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